Sustainable websites and online presence for community value-adding initiatives.


We, Roger and Dion have known each other since primary school in the late 1980s. Our shared passion for technology, internet and IT has brought us together as friends and business partners. We now want to use our skills to advance you and our society, through our initiative uOnline which we started on Labour Day in the Corona Year 2020. We hope to create a fine partnership with you to exhibit social value through the internet.


Roger is an IT graduate with years of experience as an administrator and project manager. Roger made the brave choice in 2021 to give up his permanent job and combine his passions, combining a nomadic lifestyle with his work at uOnline.


Dion has a work experience and educational background as an IT, education and business administrator. Socially responsible living and eating combines Dion with his love for technology and IT. Living and working in Amsterdam is the permanent location for uOnline.

Please feel free to contact us

An intake meeting with a cup of coffee or online, plus a customized demonstration is always free. So please feel free to contact us. This way we get to know each other in a fun in informal way. We will not proceed with each other definitively until we are both fully behind it.